Tantrums & Socks - Episode 1

Liz and Molly, two Mom "besties" join The Wholesome Mothering Group, led by locally famous parenting guru, Courtney. When Courtney introduces The Mom List, daily activities helping Mothers become more connected and present so their kids will be less likely to become drug addicts and/or serial killers, these two friends eagerly take it on. Yet, exercising while drinking margaritas is probably not what Courtney intended and screaming daily affirmations to your children from the car doesn't have the same effect. Will these two expand their horizons beyond Motherhood and margaritas? Watch and find out!

Squats & Margaritas - Episode 2

While "exercising their vessel " or doing squats and margaritas, Molly tells Liz she cheated on Frank. Liz is in awe of Molly because Moms can't possibly cheat on their husbands unless it's an accident. Through a flashback, Liz tells a story about a Mother who "accidentally" cheats. As they continue to drink without doing squats, Molly decides she cheated on Frank by accident.

Passion Project - Episode 3

Parenting Guru, Courtney teaches the Wholesome Mothering Group about self sabotage and why having a "passion project" and consciously following through, is the answer to everything. Sue is passionate about crackers, Molly is passionate about mojitos and Liz thinks she's not passionate about anything. Watch and find out what happens!

Stupider Dementia - Episode 4

Liz thinks she's a genius because of her new Mom diet called, "Lose Weight By Eating What Your Kids Leave On Their Plates," but does it actually work? Molly thinks she has dementia again because she can't remember the English language. They've only got a few minuted before they have to go to Wholesome Mothering Group and present their passion project. Will these two Moms make it happen?

Lucky Famous - Episode 5

It's time to share passion projects at The Wholesome Mothering Group. Liz and Molly have created a dream diet for Moms and they can't wait to share it with their parenting guru, Courtney. Sue Bunz shows off her flexibility while Don "the man child" wants to steal children. How will this Wholesome Mothering group session go? Watch and find out!

Pregnant Women With Yoga Mats - Episode 6

Liz and Molly are back into The Mom List, but Liz has lost her spunk after Courtney told them they aren't going to be famous for their diet. To make matters worse, Liz sees a pregnant woman with a yoga mat! Find out why Liz hates them and why Molly is her only friend. Watch it now!

Moody Posing - Episode 7

The final episode of The Mom List should not be missed! While Liz and Molly are happily eating "crap" again, Don "the man child" explores a new role, Sue Bunz acts appropriate for once and the parenting guru has a secret worth knowing. Oh Mama!