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Elena Melener 


Elena is the owner of Noodles On The Wall Productions and writer, producer, editor, and director for The Mom List. When she's not busy with that, she's doing voiceovers for TV (Snuggle Bear, Johnson & Johnson) and running after her three kids. She's been told she looks like Martin Short on more than one occasion, has developed lower back problems from picking up her children's toys and believes there's nothing more rewarding than putting out the recycling. 


Melody Fadness


Melody is an awesome person to be around because she'll belly laugh at your jokes even when no one else will. In fact she'd probably work all the time if she was a professional sidekick. Who doesn't want a pretend friend who laughs at your jokes at work parties and makes you look like the funniest person on the planet. People would pay for that. Anyway, Melody is also a lover of hats, climbing high mountains and enjoys kale more than most. When she's not busy being an actor, she's taking care of her daughter and jump roping. 

Jules 2.JPG

Julie Finefrock 


Julie Finefrock has worked as an actor, director, playwright, and producer on and off for many years, making a bunch of theatre and film that, let's face it, you've never seen. She's currently using her years of intensive acting training to run a college prep business, raise two small kids, and pursue a graduate degree in Social Work. Just covering all the bases, like actors do. Favorite roles include tragic queen, scary boss lady, and judgmental mothering guru. Typecasting much?


Andrew Lazaroff

DON "The Man Child"

For the past 20 years, somewhere near the Empire state building, a major comic book company has been secretly animating a new breed of comic book characters. He can't confirm this, but Andrew believes he is the result of this secret animation. Andrew was struck in the head with an animated, cartoon-like lightbulb. Since that moment, he has only gone by the name of Drew, the "An" disappearing from his name....forever. This moment, he claimed, bound him unceremoniously to this secretly developed comic book char"acter." His existence, known only in secret circles, and when not being the day to day, "Drew," is known simply as "Act-Thor." He is forever grateful to Noodles on the Wall Productions for the opportunity to transition from Drew, to Act-Thor, to Don!


Gladys Perez


Gladys is happy all of the time. No really. It's true. Even when she's not happy you can't tell because she looks happy. Okay, sure maybe she looks a little perturbed here in this picture but it's not what you're thinking. She's about to blow a bubble with her bubble gum which can sometimes look like she's unhappy. That's the only time though. When Gladys isn't on set being hilarious, she can be found on the stage, on the mic doing voiceovers, producing, writing and taking pictures. Oh no wait. She used to take pictures but some very rude person splashed water on her camera.  Now she just takes mental pictures.


Christopher Makrides


Christopher hails from the northern lands of Maine where he grew up surfing, swimming, and snowboarding. After college Christopher was a scientist for 2 years and then decided to become a professional actor. Now there's something you weren't expecting right? A few other facts you should know about Chris is that he actually doesn't play the guitar, he can make a sexy face on cue and his hair blows from fan wind quite easily.