Dreams of Mommy Greatness Breeds Misadventures in New Original Comedy Series ‘THE MOM LIST’

Premiering Online Beginning February 28, 2018

NEW YORK (February 13, 2018) – Dreams of ‘Mommy greatness’ breeds homegrown misadventures in the new original comedy series, THE MOM LIST. Releasing on Facebook beginning February 28th, this 7-episode series is the brain-child of Actress/Creator/Mother Elena Melener. READ MORE


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New Original Comedy Series THE MOM LIST Premieres on Facebook

The new original comedy series THE MOM LIST follows two overzealous and self-sabotaging moms, Liz (Elena Melener) and Molly (Melody Fadness). Liz and Molly aspire to achieve “mommy greatness” with the help of a locally famous parenting guru.

THE MOM LIST is receiving great early reviews on Facebook — just from the trailer: “Brilliant” — “Funny!” — “Amazing!” — “Fantastic!” Watch the trailer: GO NOW



Elena Melener Launches New Series ‘The Mom List’ Showcasing Mommyhood and Margaritas

Being a Mom is hard work. And, many of you make it even harder by setting goals about Mommyhood that you’ll probably never be able to reach – nobody could. That’s exactly what actress Elena Melener is about to take on with her new comedy series The Mom List. Launching today on Facebook, The Mom List offers up some homegrown shenanigans that every Mom (and Dad) will be able to identify with.

A Mother of three, Elena created the series as a way to stay creative, but also to showcase “one of the hardest roles anyone could ever play.” Based in New York, she has been a working actress and voice-artist for years, including voicing the cute Snuggle Fabric Softener bear and Robot Reba on the kids show, The Backyardigans. I recently caught up with Elena Melener to find out more about her brand new series The Mom List. READ FULL ARTICLE